Sunday, August 23, 2009


We are two days from closing... I can't sleep I can't focus. I feel like a child the day before his birthday eager with anticipation constantly asking the time constantly wondering whether it's tomorrow or not. Except that this child also has the small fear building underneath him that he won't get a birthday this year that he'll get to tomorrow and they'll inspect the birthday cake and find a flaw in the frosting and toss it out the window or mom will find the birth certificate and realize: "Sorry son your birthday was actually last week guess we'll have to wait until next year to celebrate, too bad."
I want my birthday house.


  1. Michael, I had no idea you and Natalie kept a home blog! So do Scott and I: Fun, fun. I'm going to have fun catching up on your home buying adventures, it's so exciting, right?!

    Welcome to Logran Square! You're only right around the corner from us...


  2. Looks like we're home-buying twins(?)... what I mean is I'm also closing this week. It'll be fun to check back on your progress :).

  3. I hope all the moving and painting and all other back-breaking work has left you and that your days are now filled with sleep and unpacking. How are you enjoying the new place?