Friday, November 13, 2009


funny thing happened after that last post. In our only bathroom the toilet was a little sluggish on the flush. So of course rather than call on a plumber (read: expert) Michael (read: genius. read: sarcasm) decides to take it on himself. After an entire weekend spent with the snake, switching out toilets, three wax rings, two plungers and this crazy pressurized spray clog release as seen on TV thing, we are left with a clogged toilet that then backed up into the shower. Hooray. We break down, call The Plumbing Doctor (read: expert) and he is the nicest guy with all the right tools who fixes it right away. After that fix he looks around the house declares the rest of the plumbing completely out of code and gives us a fair estimate on repairs and we are set. If we ever write a book about remodeling it will be called Anything but Plumbing.