Monday, February 15, 2010

Close-ups on the bathroom

I just installed the sink which is fantastic. We brushed our teeth in it last night. Here are further details. As you'll notice we put the vote out and went with a pocket door. It just suited the site better.
Oh and an aside comment I built the counter top for the sink... Oh the prowess, the skill. it makes my heart faint.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Downstairs Bathroom

Hey did you know there is dirt underneath your house? Crazy.

Our Bathroom

So I took a shower for the first time in my new bathroom. That was the greatest shower I have ever taken. It was a shower to wash off the paint, the drywall dust, the saw dust, the grout, the mortar, the tile shavings, and all the dirt and sweat of building a bathroom from the studs up with my own hands. An amazing shower.

special thanks goes to William for laying the tile and good jokes, Scott for tireless labor and a boost of encouragement, and of course Evan and Alex for feeding us and sheltering us when we lived without the basic necessity of a bathroom.